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From tree houses in the Philippines, to rural villages in Zambia,

Frankie's Flight's mission is to provide unique, custom itineraries to

destinations that you've been dreaming about.

Get ready to see the world beyond the tourist path! 

With over 10 years of travel experience in over 20 countries,

Frankie's Flight's goal is to assist you in planning an unforgettable

experience around the world. 



Frankie's Flight

is more than just another trip to check off on your list.


It's a trip to the excitedly unknown, with just the right amount of guidance and adventure.

It's a trip that aims to take you out of your comfort zone and leave you wanting to explore more.

It's a trip that will connect you to the local communities that make the places you will visit so special.  

"Frankie's Flight is beyond comparison to any other travel host you've worked with! It's love, authenticity and community all wrapped up into one."  


- @curlysu3



Personalized Curated Travel Itineraries

Are you looking for an authentic, local experience with the best flight deals? Whether traveling as a group or heading out solo, we'll work together to curate your once-in-a-lifetime experience anywhere in the world! Don't know where to start or what to do? I specialize in providing:





Hosted Group Trips

Tired of waiting for others to travel? Looking to meet new people from around the world? Then joining a hosted group trip with Frankie's Flight might be exactly what you're looking for! Hosted group trips include:

Let Frankie's Flight do all the planning.

All you have to do is just show up and enjoy!

*Customized Group Trip Itinerary Planning Available 

  • Uniquely Tailored Travel Itineraries

  • Flight Deals 

  • Accommodation

  • Local Activities

  • Community Engagement

  • Eateries

  • Local Transportation

  • Country 101

  • Border Crossing/visa 101

  • Full Itinerary

  • Planning and Bookings

  • Group Sizes up to 50 People

  • Payment Plans

  • Included Activities

  • Included Meals

  • Included Transportation

  • Country 101

  • Border Crossing/visa 101

Lets Talk Travel! 
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