Brooke O.



Amanda provided some amazing insight into Greece! When I started to plan, I had no idea where to start but knew she could help. The trip was a huge success thanks to her guidance!




Amanda was amazing! For my first time to Zambia, Amanda helped get the best flight routes, let me know what to expect when I landed, and even arranged for a trusted car service for a smooth airport pick up.

She recommended multiple activities and accommodation options. The overnight safari in Botswana, Chobe National Park, was truly remarkable. During my trip I was able to experience the culture, meet the people of Livingstone, and witness breathtaking sunsets that ONLY Africa can offer.

I always felt safe, always knew what the plan was and who/where I was meeting. I highly recommend Amanda and her knowledge of travel, specifically Zambia and the surrounding areas.



This trip was a life altering experience and that gratitude is owed entirely to Amanda/Frankie's Flight! I was honestly nervous to travel, especially considering it was my first solo trip. Amanda's reliable and consistent communication from the very beginning was very comforting and not to mention her knowledge of Livingstone, Zambia was remarkable! During my time there I was given the opportunity to connect with a variety of people in the community and simply fell in love. 

Frankie's Flight is beyond comparison to any other travel host you've worked with!! It's love, authenticity and community all wrapped up into one.




Amanda helped plan my entire trip to Cuba

including airfare, stay and activities. She was extremely thorough and found the best deals, as well as safe locations for the stay. 

I stayed in 2 different cities while in Cuba and each stay had a unique feel to it! I explored the city of Havana and also took a trip to Vinales, where she planned a horse back tour of the tobacco and coffee fields. She did a great job accommodating my needs and she even worked out prices prior to the trip with tour guides so I had nothing to worry about!  I would highly recommend her services for all your travel needs.

christina m.


Booking with Frankie's Flight was one of the smartest things I could do! It was easy and they were thorough.  They arranged everything I wanted to experience for this once in a lifetime trip:  they handled and assisted with Border crossings, lodge pick up and drop off, personalized tours. They made for a worry and stress free vacation.

sara n.



Morocco was a country I always wanted to visit but was unsure on how to navigate through but with the help of Amanda the trip was extremely relaxing and fun!  We stayed in both Marrakech at incredible Riad and a super modern home in Casablanca allowing us to feel the uniqueness of each city. Amanda coordinated flights as well as, travel to each city by use of train.  Amanda does a wonderful job staying within your budget yet finding amazing experiences.  She knew that I was interested in the cuisine of the country and located a cooking class for me!  


joe u.



I first heard of Frankie’s flight 4 years ago and I utilized her site & experience to plan my trip to Thailand. Thanks to Amanda, I knew what parts of the country I wanted to spend time in, which tours to take or avoid, and I got a great idea of the culture. I had an unbelievable time in Thailand thanks to Frankie’s Flight and I cannot recommend it enough. 

sara n.



I had a short period of time in Spain so I knew that with Amanda's help, I could maximize my stay!  Amanda found a great flight deal to Madrid and a stay in the perfect location.  I spent the day exploring the city and then was able to retreat closely by later that night.  Amanda made this another successful memory in my book of travels. 

sara n.



I booked a 10 day trip to Greece with Amanda's help, she included a full itinerary of activities and recommended restaurants.  We traveled to multiple islands while in Greece and Amanda helped coordinate those transitions.   Amanda knew how much I was excited to use this trip to relax and she helped with booking a relaxing massage at sunset in Santorini. Amanda did an amazing job helping us book a flight deal as well!  She certainly knows her stuff and I continued to use her services especially after this successful trip.


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