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Founder of Frankie's Flight, Amanda, strongly believes in supporting local community members whenever, however, and wherever possible. She currently lives in Livingstone, Zambia where she founded the 5013(c)3 Organization, Okodwela NFP, partnering with local

Zambian community members to enhance community sustainability. 

She also partners with numerous community members in supporting their businesses, skills, talents, and entrepreneurship goals and is honored to share them across the world with you! 

Supporting African communities in developing secure

housing, education, and employment. 


Art centre

Livingstone, Zambia

Located in the heart of Livingstone, Zambia, local artists, Sydney, Chabu, and Bernard have a combined 50 years experience in painting. Their art work is vibrant, expressive, imaginative, colorful, and creative. You can find them any day of the week sketching and painting until the sun sets.

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