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While teaching Grade 6 at The Linda Community School in Livingstone, Zambia in December 2018, I was invited to conduct home visits in the Meloni and Mulala village with Cathy Chilemba, principal at the school. It was during this time in which we would visit the homes of students at the school to assess their needs. I quickly learned about their living conditions and what was needed to provide a safer and secure housing space for them. Over the next 3 weeks, I, along with some other volunteers, were given the unique experience to fundraise and physically help build 2 homes in a village. I was able to participate in every part of the process from purchasing land, to gathering and purchasing all materials with the builder, digging the foundation, and mixing cement to lay the bricks. Being able to be involved in the process of building and providing a family with a safe and secure house to live in is one experience I will forever be grateful for!